WELCOME to the launch of my online store:

La Fé Couture - The Feast of Style, a gift from above! There will be something to entice everyone's fancy.

La Fé Couture is real. It is bold. It is fashion. My name is Felicia (Fe) and with my husband LaCarol by my side, I pushed forward to birth a vision from long ago. We are the proud parents of 7 beautiful children (they are our ministry) who push us to go harder than every before. I've worked with and for many people and companies. One day I woke up and felt that I was everything to everyone and it was time to be everything to MYself. So Stay Tuned!!!!

Was it scary? Yes

Will it always be easy? No

But, it will be worth it!

Please like, comment, and share my store with your friends and family!

♥Lady (Fe)licia Brittingham-Hill

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