Thank you!

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Thank you!

This time last year I relied on my alarm to wake me. The last few weeks I woke up to #Holy_Hood tshirt order inquiries and notifications. #GodDidThis and I'm so grateful and thankful. A huge thank you to all my customers from all around the world. Be encouraged. Quit on everything else when necessary, but never quit on YOU.

I had a dream that a person of interest was rocking the Holy/Hood tee on her platform. I'm about to send it to her now. I don't know why it went viral. But I now understand it was #GodsPlan because I trust him with my life. I'm a speaking, teaching, praying, and worshipping Woman of God.

What started out as a tee a friend asked me to make for her. Turned into a way to start conversations around being who you were designed to be. #wowGOD

Holy/Hood for me is excepting who you are and walking in your unique God given calling and purpose. We are not all the same and He knows that. It's sharing the gospel from the bottom to the top. I speak to the janitor with the same poise that I would speak to the President. We are all God's children. It's living for Jesus and spreading his message from the hills to the valley's. The goal is to leave no stone unturned and to never assume that people know better. But to minister the word of God to every living being. It's a lifestyle!

🗣What does Holy/Hood mean to you?

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