A Few Good Reasons!

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A Few Good Reasons!

Think about your last online shopping experience, where you made a purchase.

How did it make you feel?


If you didn't, why did you exit the browser without making the purchase?

The first rule of thumb when making an online purchase is buying from a place you trust. As a boutique owner, I know firsthand how often things change and I understand the responsibility I have to create a level of trust with my customers. The way I achieve this is by setting realistic expectations whether it be shipping or size.

How to get it right the first time:

  1. If the store offers reviews, read them.
  2. Like them on Social Media i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook so you can follow their success. The purchase you are making is just as important to you as it is to them.
  3. If you have a question about an item, ask it! It is your right and if the communication is non-existent do not buy from them.
  4. Join their mailing list so that you stay in the know of the specials they are running and can possibly get your item at a discount.

I like to share with individuals that when buying online the cheapest item is not always the best choice. There are many online boutiques that claim to sell the most authentic pieces but many fail to do quality assurance prior to sending items to clients. This gives the brands that practice what they preach or should I say wear what they sell a disadvantage in the online boutique fashion industry. E-commerce is a billion dollar industry and has already become the entrepreneur’s haven. I started my brand because I saw a need to offer the best to the best. In the next few months, I will be rolling out items with customizations as requested by the customer. Click here to get 25% off a single item, as a thank you for reading/sharing my blog post.

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About the owner:

Felicia “Lady Fe” Brittingham is an entrepreneur living in Ewing, New Jersey. She is the Mother of Five beautiful children and a Wife. Felicia believes that you should always be working on something and if you are not then you need to find something to work on. Reaching one’s full potential is where she is very passionate. Which is how she got started with Boss Lady Int. Network a place for Women from all geographical locations and occupations. That comes together with individual interest and build on the successes of each other, join our group on Facebook. Felicia has a background in finance and is working on obtaining a certification to be a life/spiritual coach. On a regular day, you can find Felicia working her 9-5 as a Human Resources Professional, Implementing processes and responding to customer inquiries during her breaks, Being “Mom Taxi” to her highly active children, and loving on herself boldly. The opportunity of another day places me on high. I get chills when I think about getting yet another opportunity to share with the world what was shared with me. God is my rock and everything I do is because of him.

I hope that when you are choosing a place to make a purchase that you consider lafecouture.com.

Happy Shopping,

Felicia “Lady Fe” Brittingham

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